Darren Schisler

Darren Schisler


Practice Area Lead, Experience Design

With over 17 years of strategy, brand and user interface design experience for leading North American organizations, Darren has built teams and led successful projects across multiple verticals. His expertise helps brings design, marketing strategy, technology, and analytics together to help create meaningful user experiences for both B2B and B2C brands.

Project and Industry Experience
Retail, Financial Services, Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare, Energy, Government, Telco
Design and lead product design teams for various digital channels
Ability to to create digital marketing strategies that connect customers to engaging experiences that are measurable and sustainable.
Turn technology engagements into strategic customer-centric experiences for B2C/B2B brands
User Experience strategy, User interface design, Information Architecture, Data Visualization, User Research, Usability Testing, Mobile (first) UI design methodologies, Digital Marketing Strategy, Creative Direction, Branding

Sports, Art, Music, Start-ups, Technology, Video production, spending time with my kids and family

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