Dixie Gillespie

Dixie Gillespie

Return to Your Power

Founder, Coach and Consultant

Ever since she was a little girl, Dixie’s least favorite word was “can’t.” It still is, and she’s on a mission to prove that anything is possible, for anyone. Her first love is working with entrepreneurs as a coach, consultant, muse, and firestarter. She’s good at seeing opportunities where other people see walls, navigating crossroads where other people see dead ends, and helping people connect their passion and purpose to create a powerful presence and increased profit.

Dixie is the author of Just Blow It Up: Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life, her writing has been featured on Entrepreneur.com, Fox.com, Huffington Post and other media outlets, and she has also served as an Executive Editor and head of the business team for The Good Men Project.

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