Practical Ethnographic Methods

Practical Ethnographic Methods The best way to understand how your users behave and live is to actually visit them in their homes or workplaces. Ethnographic research, or Contextual Inquiries can seem overwhelming, but the principles are quite simple–it’s being a humble observer in a user’s personal space. Course participants will learn all about ethnographic research […]

The UX of Augmented Reality

The UX of Augmented Reality Augmented reality experiences are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in our lives. Are you interested in learning more about designing these types of experiences? Attendees will gain knowledge and ideas around when these types of experiences are appropriate, and learn about emerging best practices for visual and interaction design for augmented reality […]

How Ethnography Can Save You Money

How Ethnography Can Save You Money In this world of quick and dirty, many practitioners consider ethnographies and site visits to be antiquated. Recent site visits proved yet again that there’s no substitute for an in-person visit. On one series of visits, our team realized that 2 Sprints, or 4 weeks of work, had to […]

Intro to UX Research Methods

Intro to UX Research Methods This pre-conference course covers the most popular research techniques today, including surveys, interviews, diary studies, focus groups, card sorting, tree testing, and fieldwork. Attendees will learn the basics of each method and when to use them (and, more importantly, when NOT to use them). Everyone will have the opportunity to […]