Shannon Halgren

Shannon Halgren

Sage Research & Design, LLC

Founder & Sr. UX Consultant

Shannon has extensive experience in the area of product user experience and human factors, with an expertise in user research. Through Sage Research & Design, Shannon and her team have helped start-ups as well as established Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Apple, Facebook, Intel, Netflix and eBay create products with excellent design and usability. Prior to founding and growing Sage for over 10 years, Shannon co-managed the usability group at Marcomedia and founded the usability group at Apple/Claris. Shannon has presented her work at several professional conferences (HFES Healthcare Symposium, UXPA, CHI) and in professional journals and books. She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Rice University in Houston, Texas where she specialized in Human-Computer Interaction.

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