Thyra Rauch

Thyra Rauch


User Research for Watson Supply Chain

Thyra, who has been at IBM for 30 years, currently works on commerce applications in the procurements and supply chain space and is the UX Researcher for that area. Previously, she worked in a variety of areas including the search and analytics teams.
Thyra uses a variety of research methodologies in her work including interviews, surveys, and contextual inquiries. She has conducted a variety of usability evaluations, in a variety of locations, using a variety of protocols, both for formative and summative purposes, most of them being either done remotely or in a variety of different locations. She has been working with Agile teams for over 15years and works actively to apply UX principles in an “agile” way.

She has co-taught classes on HCI in the Master’s program at BSU, mentors UX practitioners new to user research and evaluation, and has co-taught tutorials on usability testing and moderation at UXPA in past years and also conducted sessions on Agile and ethnography.

Thyra has a BA in Psychology from Wake Forest, an MA in Psychology from William and Mary, and a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from NC State.

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